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A bar-coding system is simply an arrangement of bars that show numbers and letters. when using Library Management system, each barcode image is programmed to identify the title of book, author name, item number, volume number etc. All this information is shown in one barcode with the help of coding.

Barcodes are used in libraries to label books, magazines, CD & DVDs. Each and every book and other items are assigned unique 12- digit barcodes. It contains all information about the product. In Library Management system, whenever a student return or issue a book the system fetch the bar code number and we can make entry of book in computer systematically. Library Management system helps in systematic management of books.

List of Barcode Tools
Barcode Lables


Barcode Scanner


Barcode Printer


Benefits of using Barcode System are:
  • Improved inventory management
  • Faster check-in and check-out facility
  • Easy to sort books
  • Reduced staff workload
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Improve circulation capabilities
Barcode System