Digital Library Software is designed and developed in such a way that it allows the user to easily access it. Library Management System has made the libraries more organized and systematic.

School Library Management System has given students a platform to use the advance technology and make searching of books easy.

Library Management Software System is based on two types of technologies; one is bar code system and another is RFID system. Bar code system is based on 14 digits coding both in letters as well as numbers. While RFID system is based on electromagnetic waves that read RFID tags.

Library Management system plays an important role in students’ development by giving them exposure to use advance library system and making them more organized.

Features of Online Library Management System

  • Integration of all records of students
  • Manage the records systematically
  • It can track any information online
  • One can generate the reports
  • Manage all information online
  • Easy to maintain records
  • It leads to fast book entry
Barcode System

Online Digital Library Software for School

Digital Library Software is getting popular, due to the latest technology used in it. It has reduced the load of the librarian in schools by making the library more organized and systematic by use of RFID technology. The administration of the schools can check the stock any time by using the RFID based library management system.

The library software helps in cataloguing, acquisition and circulation of books. Digital Library Software is of great help as it reduces the time of sorting and recording of books. It is the most effective way of organizing the library in school. It leads to better management of books, journals, magazines etc.

The advantages of digital library management system are:

  • Better shelf management
  • Faster scanning and identification of books
  • Allows circulation of books
  • Acts as anti-theft detector
  • Self Check/self issue
  • Easy return with dropbox facility
  • It reduces the chances of error
  • Reports

School Library Solution is very helpful for students at the time of exams, as they can save their time by checking the book available in the library or else they can reserve a book online for issue. Many schools prefer RFID based library management system due to the usage of advance technology in this software.

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Library Management System is growing at a fast pace and useful in making the traditional library into modern library. It is important part of every school and helps the librarian to keep records of available books as well as issued books. Library Management System software helps in different ways by providing students the facility to learn, gather resources, promote group learning and improve knowledge and skills.

Digital Library Management System stores every information electronically and in an organized and systematic way which leads to effective results. It enhances the overall performance of the students and develops the habit of silent reading. The software is designed in such a way that it modernize the library system and help the students to make the best use of the software.

Digital RFID Library Management Software

Library Management System is designed in such a way that it keeps the functioning of the library smooth and in order. It is user-friendly software. It helps in keeping track of the books, catalogues, magazines, etc. This system increases the efficiency of the librarian and better management of the library. It leads to an easy search of the desired book from the library.

Some of the features of the Digital RFID Library Management Software are:

  • Easy way to enter book data
  • Full catalogue, circulation, and acquisition system for library stock management
  • Web-based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) system
  • Simple, clear search interface for all users
  • Multilingual and multi-user support
  • Export and import records
  • A modern integrated library management system
  • Print own barcodes

As we have already discussed the library management system is based on two techniques Bar Code System and RFID System. The bar code system is based on unique bar codes provided to each and every book; it contains all the information about the product. RFID based library management system is a wireless-based system which helps in keeping records in an easy manner. It acts as an anti-theft system, which provides whole security to the Library Management System, there is a facility of alarm system which gets active on stealing of any book from the library.

Digital RFID library management system

Library Management System is software used to manage books, magazines, journals, newspaper etc. Digital Library System involves maintaining of database for entering new books and recording of books.

The features of library management system are:

  • East way to check-in or check-out
  • Easy way to enter books
  • Classify the books subject wise
  • Know the status of your book
  • Reports can be generated
  • Easy search option

Library Management Software System is based on two types of technologies; one is bar code system and other is RFID system. Bar code system is based on 14 digits bar represented in letters and numbers. RFID system is based on identification of objects by using tags and reader.

Digital Library Management system depends upon the following points:

  • Add/Remove/Edit book: To add, remove or modify a book or book item.
  • Search catalog: To search books by title, author, subject or publication date.
  • Register new account/cancel membership: To add a new member or cancel the membership of an existing member.
  • Check-out book: To borrow a book from the library.
  • Reserve book: To reserve a book which is not currently available?
  • Renew a book: To re-borrow an already checked-out book.
  • Return a book: To return a book to the library which was issued earlier.

RFID System Components

  • RFID Tags: Tag consists of a silicon microchip, attached to small antenna.
  • RFID Reader: It is a network operated device which acts as a interface between RFID tag and the system software data. They are further divided into two parts:
    • RFID Read-only Readers – These devices can read information from nearby places.
    • RFID Read-write Readers – These devices can read as well as write information present in an RFID tag.
  • Antenna: RFID antennas are chosen depending upon the read range i.e. the distance between the RFID reader and RFID Tag.
  • Host Computer: The data acquired is then passed to a host computer or network and communicate data in different ways. When connected to a network allow reader more flexibility.

Types of RFID System

  • Active RFID System: They contain systems of RFID tags with their own power source.
  • Passive RFID System: This system is used for short range of applications where RFID tags are powered from reader antenna to tag antenna.

The RFID library Management System is advance software used in schools, colleges, universities and many more places to keep track of the inventory of the library. It is regarded as the best library management software system. Here we discuss few of its advantages which make it more popular and demanding.

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Advantages of RFID System
  • Reduce material and handling costs
  • Self-check-in/out system
  • Smart shelf system is maintained
  • It reduces human error to a great extent
  • RFID readers can read multiple RFID tags
  • Theft reduction
  • Easy stock verification
  • Increase productivity
  • It automates data collection
  • It saves time of the circulation