Digital Library Management Software - is a computer-based system where all the functions of the library are controlled digitally and in a systematic way. It helps in keeping a record of books, journals, catalogs, newspapers, CDs, etc. in the library. The benefits of the digital library Management Software are:

  • Easily accessible
  • Track any information at any time
  • Act as an anti-theft equipment
  • Maintenance of huge database
  • They are an active system of learning and knowledge
  • Reduce operating cost

Library Management System is also known as an integrated library system that manages all the activities such as acquisition, circulation, stock verification, cataloging, etc. Library Management System Software helps the students to remain up-to-date with the library database and other resources.

Digital Library System is an Advance Library Software that helps in fast and effortless gathering of all information in the library. As we all know the library is an important part of all schools and universities and the demand for Library Automation Software in India has increased with the advancement of the system.

Make your library a smart library with Library Administration Software which will turn your library into a digital system where you can easily access the database. As the digital revolution has already taken a boom, every school and college also wants to get advance and remain up-to-date with the current market demand. The library system has taken gear due to Government educational policies and systems. The government provides funding to the schools and colleges for the installation of the Library Automation System.

Barcode System

Digital Library System is based on Advanced Technology

Digital Library System is based on two techniques one is the bar code system and another RFID System. Bar code system is based on the unique bar code assigned to all books, which can be read by bar code reader while in RFID based library management system a wireless system is used to detect the books, we use tags on books to identify any book in the library. It is an Advance library system that also acts as a piece of anti-theft equipment, it has a dropbox for the return of books. This system has made the work of the librarian much easier.

Library Management System is very effective software which helps the students to enhance their skill, personal development, and knowledge which lead to a bright future. Here we discuss the following objectives of the School Library:

  • It provides a learning environment for the development of information.
  • It is a student-centric which provide suitable information and documents to the students.
  • It develops self-learning skills in students.
  • It cultivates reading habits among students.
  • It provides all the resources.
  • It supports reading as well as writing.
  • It helps in scoring a good score.
  • It helps in making projects.

It supports the librarian as a library system make the work of librarian easy and fast to find any book, journal, catalog etc. in the library. Earlier it was difficult for the librarian to find the books and memorize the shelf number and categories. But with the advance library system, their work has got much simplified.

Features of the Digital Library Management System

Library Management System is designed in such a way that it keeps the functioning of the library smooth and in order. It is user-friendly software. It helps in keeping track of the books, catalogues, magazines, etc. This system increases the efficiency of the librarian and better management of the library. It leads to an easy search of the desired book from the library.

Features of the Digital Library Management System are:

  • Easy way to enter book data.
  • Full catalogue, circulation, and acquisition system for library stock management.
  • Web-based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) system.
  • Simple, clear search interface for all users.
  • Multilingual and multi-user support.
  • Export and import records.
  • A modern integrated library management system.
  • Print own barcodes

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Two Techniques Digital Librray Management Software

  • RFID
  • Bar Code

Library Management System is an important part of every library. Library Management System is based on the input and output process, and this process is managed through two different techniques that are Bar Code System and RFID System. With the help of these techniques, we can keep track of all the books, catalogs, etc. of the library. Library Management Software improves the efficiency of the librarians.

As we have already discussed the library management system is based on two techniques Bar Code System and RFID System. The bar code system is based on unique bar codes provided to each and every book; it contains all the information about the product. RFID based library management system is a wireless-based system which helps in keeping records in an easy manner. It acts as an anti-theft system, which provides whole security to the Library Management System there is a facility of alarm system which gets active on stealing of any book from the library.

Barcode System