How Library Automation Software Works in the Library

Library Automation Software is the use of automatic and semi-automatic library activities as acquisition, cataloging, and circulation. It is a very fast emerging technology which has changed the system of the library.

The main components of the automated library system are:
  • Computer System: It is an electronic device that has the ability to accept data, store data and automatically execute an instruction.
  • Networking Device: It is a device that helps in connecting the system to a network or internet. It includes the various devices that are:
    • Modem
    • LAN
    • WAN
  • Software: It consists of a computer program that instructs the computer to perform any function. This software is helpful in the smooth functioning of the library automation system.
  • Database: Database is essential for keeping all the records of the library.
  • Server: It helps in sharing the various resources of the library with the help of the server.

Library Automation Software helps in providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time. It is convenient to use the new technology as it increases the productivity and efficiency of the library staff.

The benefits of Library Management System are:
  • Library Cataloguing System: It refers to creating a database for the library, which users can access to find the item in a library.
  • Reduce the Staff: This system reduces the manpower of the library system.
  • Increase Staff Productivity: It increases the efficiency and productivity of staff in the library.
  • Advance in Technology: The new technology of the RFID system is used in the library which made the library an advance library. RFID based library management system is a radio frequency identification wireless-based system.
User Friendly Software

The demand for Library Automation Software in India has taken an up-turn, with the advancement of modern technology. Nowadays, various Government colleges and institutions prefer RFID based library management system in their colleges. The government is also promoting this new technology in schools and colleges. It is important to note that an advance library system will help the students as well as library staff to remain updated with the stock in the library.

Before installing a library automation software in the library a school and institution must check these features in the software.

  • Integrated Design
  • Support all Library Functions
  • User-friendly
  • Available on Multi-Platform
  • Support Database Creation
  • Compatible to Indian Standard