RFID – Radio Frequency Identification

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology where digital data is encoded in RFID tags. It is an automatic data capture technology that use radio frequency waves to read any information stored in a tag. It is the latest technology used in libraries. Library with RFID systems is also known as Modern academic library. A RIFD in the library consists of books which are attached with RFID tags, RFID reader and computer. A RFID reader helps in locating books.

“RFID tags are used in a library management system which are easy and convenient for issuing, returning and sorting of books.”
Benefits of RFID System
  • It improves customer service
  • Assist inventory check
  • Easy book identification from shelves
  • Deter theft
  • Enhance the book return process
  • Faster inventory process
  • Allow better accuracy in books collection

Applications used in RFID Library Management System

Book Drops

It is the facility of dropping a book where the “book drop” is mentioned within the library or outside the library. It is convenient for returning any library item at any time of the day.

RFID Tagging

RFID tag is an important part of RFID system. It stores information related to the specific item, it is attached. A unique identification number is given to each and every item within a tag. They are attached with books, CDs, DVDs available in a library.

Self Check-Out Station

This station consists of a computer and a RFID reader, when a tag attached to a book is put on the RFID reader, it reads all information about the book and one can choose the option of check out the display on the screen to take the book.

Shelf Management

RFID has made the searching of books an easy task. A portable scanner is provided with RFID system to scan the books and do the inventory check in the whole library. One gets to know which book is missing from the shelves.

Anti-Theft Detection

RFID Gates acts an anti-theft in the library management system. They detect the item which has not been scrutinized by computer before checking out. An alarm system becomes active if anybody tries to theft any item from a library.