What is Library Automation?

Library Automation refers to the use of computer to keep track of all the books that are issued, returned and added in the library. Library Automation is another name of Library Management System. It is a user friendly system. It is created to ensure the proper management of books in a library.

In library automation we can store all information consists of book numbers, author name, rack detail, book titles and much more. It makes issue and returning process easy. It provides the search function which helps the students in searching of any book in the library.

“Library automation store information of all members and keep track of books issued and returned by them.”

The advantages of Library Automation

Easy Access

The automation of library helps in easy access of library material; one can search the book or journal from home. It makes library more flexible as one can know when to add new books or other items.


Automation of library helps in the updating the library material. Manually it is difficult to keep record of every information but through this system one can check which items is outdated which will automatically make a library’ collection streamlined.


Library automation has made the operation of borrowing and managing inventories in library a paperless. All records are saved automatically in the system and one can track any time the status of any book.

Improved customer service

Automation of the library helps in reducing the workload of librarians and other staff members in the areas of acquisitions, cataloging and circulation, which in turn allows them to better serve their patrons.

Also Read Know:

Library Automation Software contains various modules that are cataloguing, reports, acquisition, circulation, OPAC, database management, periodicals and many more which helps in the smooth functioning of library management software.


Cataloguing is the process of creating a list of all bibliographic items such as short description, list of subjects, author name and the classification.

Membership Module

This module keep track of all important information of student, who has taken membership of library.

Report Generator

It helps in generating various reports like status of issued books, total members, books returned etc.


It is a central and highly visible function of library, as it keeps the record of status of books in the library.


Online Public Access Catalog, it is an online database of materials kept in the library. It allows the search for an item of our choice in the library.


It the department in the library which is responsible for the selection and purchase of material or resources in the library.

The above information will also help in choosing the right library management software and in upgrading the old library management software.