What is Library Management Software?

Library management software (LMS) is software that helps in the management of books in the library. It keeps track of the books issued and returned from the library. LMS involves maintaining of database of existing books as well as new books added in the library. Digital library helps in easy maintaining of records of books for a librarian. A librarian can check the status of any book, any time with the help of library management software.

“Library Management software is also known as library automation software as it provides the centralized management process for libraries and their activities such as acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, and many more.”

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The key features of library automation software are:

  • Easy way to enter new books
  • Keep record of complete information of a book like title, author name, publisher name etc.
  • Easy way to check-in and check-out
  • It is user-friendly software
  • Keep record of different categories
  • Classify the books subject wise
  • Easy to maintain database
  • It is cost effective

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