Why you Need RFID Technology in your Library

RFID is the growing technology adopted by most of the academic world. RFID is also known as advanced library system software. It reduces the workload of the librarian to a great extent.

RFID the library management system is easy and convenient to use. A user can easily find the book in the library with the help of RFID tags attached to books and take the help of an RFID scanner to find the books in the library.

The Growing Demand for RFID System

The demand of an RFID system is growing with time and advancement of technology. It has completely replaced the traditional system of the library. It is used in schools, universities, institutions and many other places. Library management system based on RFID can easily manage the large database or collection available in the library.

The application used in RFID Library Management System

  • Book drops – The book drops can be located anywhere or within the library. This facility offers the user conveniently to return the document at any time of the day.
  • Counter station – It refers to the staff associated with the tagging, sorting, etc. It is loaded with the arming or disarming module.
  • RFID Transponder – It is the most important link to the RFID System. It has the ability to store information about specific items to which they are attached.
  • Patron self-check-out station – It is a computer with a touch screen facility and a built-in reader.
  • Shelf Management – This system makes locating and identifying items an easy task. It covers three main requirements:
    • Search for individual books requested.
    • Inventory check of the whole library stock.
    • Search for books that are mis-shelved.
  • Anti-theft detection – RFID library management system act as an anti- theft detector, as the RFID gates have an alarm system with sound and lights which tells if someone carries a book without borrowing from the library.

Hence, these are the applications used in the RFID based library management system which makes the process of bookkeeping, issue and returning easy.

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Benefits of RFID Library Management System

Now, we will discuss the benefits of installing an RFID system in the library.

  • Improves staff productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Easy book identification
  • It improves library workflow
  • Faster inventory process
  • Better accuracy in book collection management
  • Assist inventory check with ease
  • Assist traceability of book allocation
  • More than one item can be checked

Range of Advance RFID based Library Management System

It depends upon the range of the RFID at what the distance it can read the RFID tags and solve our purpose of installing it. The RFID system- http://www.elibrarysoftware.com/rfid-system.html is mainly based on these three components; a scanning antenna, a transceiver, and a transponder. The RFID tags are also further classified depending upon the range of them:

  • Very low frequency
  • Low frequency
  • Medium frequency
  • High frequency
  • Very high frequency
  • Ultra-high frequency
  • Super high frequency
  • Extremely high frequency

One can choose the frequency depending upon the small or large library. These ranges help in easy searching for books and other documents of the library.