What Are the Top Functions of the Digital Library Software

The Digital Library Software is the collection of documents electronically organized in the library. Digital Library are the best libraries as they solve many Library Management System is basically dependent upon various components that are:

  • Selection and Acquisition: This process includes the selection process of adding a document digitally.
  • Organizing: It is important to organize the data systematically.
  • Indexing and Storage: This includes indexing and storing of data for efficient searching.
  • Repository: This is the digital library front-end used by the end-users to browse, search, retrieve and view the contents of the digital library.
  • Server: This is the server computer that hosts the digital library collection, and presents the collection to the user in the form of a website home page.
  • Network Connectivity: A network connection is very important for the smooth functioning of the website.

How To Work In Digital Library Software

Digital Library Software is based on two technologies Bar Code System and RFID Library Management System. The bar code system is based on the unique 14 digit code assigned to every item in the library and further is scanned with the help of the bar code scanner.

While RFID library management system is based on radio frequency technology for which RFID Tags, reader, scanner, RFID Gate, etc. tools are used for the working of RFID Technology. Nowadays, the RFID System is getting more popular due to the latest technology and types of equipment used in it and for hassle-free searching for books or library items.

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The role of a Digital Library is to collect, manage, preserve and make accessible digital objects. The following are some of the function of the digital library:

  • To provide a friendly interface to users.
  • To avail of network facilities.
  • To support library functions.
  • To enhance advanced search, access, and retrieval of information.
  • To improve library operations.
  • To enable one to perform searches.
  • To secure the information.
  • To preserve unique collections through digitization.

Digital Library Software is used in schools, colleges, institutions, and universities to make libraries digital and to keep information up-to-date. The demand for digital libraries is increasing day-by-day which makes this software popular.

The purpose of the digital library is:
  • To expedite the systematic development of procedures to collect, store, and organize, information in digital form.
  • To promote the efficient delivery of information.
  • Encourage co-operative efforts in research resources, computing, and communication networks.
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration between and among educational institutions.
  • Take a leadership role in the generation and dissemination of knowledge.


Digital libraries have reduced the burden of librarians as well as students. The concept of the digital library Software is quite old but it is getting popular with the latest technologies used in it. It is necessary to stay updated with the new technologies and which will enhance the learning of the students and upgrade their skills and confidence to face the challenges.