Refine your Library in this Digital Era with Spears Library Management Software

For many of bookworms, nothing seems to have a higher priority than reading books. After all books are the ultimate source of knowledge and Libraries, “the temple of books” has been a trusted source of information. Going to a library and picking a book was a fun in the earlier days. But with the improving Technology, now Libraries function differently due to the digitalization. Access to information is in real-time. Library management has evolved and improved to a phase which had never been imaged in the pre-cyber era. To meet the ever-rising demands of the digital era, it is essential for every library to invest in an efficient Library management software such as Spears Library Management Software.

Spears Library Management Software

Spears Library management software is automation software that helps in the centralized management of pure closed stacks of books to open stacks of books in the library and their activities such as acquisition, circulation, cataloguing, and many more. It maintains a database of all the existing and newly added books thus, keeping track of issued and returned books from the library. Spears Library Management System is a fast-growing system used in schools, colleges, universities, businesses, work offices and many more places. It has changed the traditional look and functioning of the library in a great way.

Benefits of Spears Library Management Software

Spears Library management Software provides a handful of Benefits with its Modules and Courses from E-learning Platform like Edubull to stand out amidst other Library management software.

  • User-friendly interface of the software along with Multilingual and multi-user support provides complete management of the entire library.
  • Maintains a database of complete information of a book like Book name, Author name, Publisher’s name, short description, Year of publication, Book purchasing date, Bill no using Cataloguing Module and Journal Control Module.
  • The librarian can issue, return and reserve book for a particular student digitally using Book Acquisition Control Module.
  • Students can also check the availability status of a particular book online using Circulation Module.
  • Keeps a track of all important information of student, who has taken membership of library using the Membership Module.
  • It saves time and effort by nulling manual process of issuing.
  • Automation software that automatically shows fine levied by automatically counting days from the date of issue in case of late return of the book.
  • Different catalogues for searching a book using Online Public Access Catalog.
  • Generation of customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection using Report Generator module.
  • Removes all the difficulties of library management using System Administrator.
  • Plans and negotiates the acquisition of resources of library to reduce the expenditure of library using Budget Module.
  • Acquisition is the department in the library which is responsible for the purchase of Library resources.
  • Provision of various Online study materials along with mock tests and online tutor for courses like Marketing, English, Engineering, Software, management and many more in association with Edubull.
  • It uses the E-learning techniques by providing Smart Classroom for each class, English Learning Lab in association with Edubull’s Digital school
  • A modern integrated library management system (LMS) which can be used on platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform.

Services Provided by Spears Library Management Software

  • Barcoding System : Barcodes are used in libraries to label books, journals, magazines, CD & DVDs. Each and every material is assigned a unique 12- digit barcodes, containing all information about the product. Using tools like Labels, scanners and printer, whenever a student return or issue a book, the system fetch the Barcode number and it becomes to sort out the books easily and faster thus, improving circulation capabilities and reducing staff workload.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID : Radio frequency identification (RFID) use the concept of electromagnetic fields to automatically identify tags related to books without tipping them out. It is done by storing a serial number using tools like RFID tag, RFID reader, RFID gate, RFID Cards, Drop box. The RFID reader or scanner converts the RFID tag information into digital media making it accurate and efficient to store digital information in the computer for future use.

Applications used in RFID Spears Library Management Software

  • Book Drops - It is the facility of dropping a book within the library or outside the library. It is convenient for issuing or returning any library resource at any time of the day.
  • RFID Tagging - A unique 12 digit identification number is given to each and every item within a tag. It stores information associated with the particular item, it is attached.
  • Self Check-Out Station - Consisting of a RFID reader attached in a computer such that when a tag attached to a book is placed on the RFID reader, it scans all information about the book. Thus one can choose to inspect the display on the screen to issue the book.
  • Shelf Management - RFID has created the searching of books an easy task. A transportable scanner is given RFID system to scan the books and does the inventory check in the whole library. One gets to understand which book is missing from the shelves.
  • Anti-Theft Detection - RFID Gates acts as an anti-theft mode within the library management system. They notice the item that has not been scrutinized by laptop before checking out. An alarm becomes active if anybody tries to steal any item from a library.
  • RFID ID Cards - Tag is formed from an integrated antenna and memory. The knowledge are often written and rewritten on Tag memory. The unique ID written on Tag while manufacturing is understood because the EPC (Electronic Product Code). This Tag is enclosed during a Rectangular Plastic Card of the dimensions of Bank Debit card.


As we are heading towards an era of total digitalization, Library, like any other industry is also heading and mastering this management with great acceleration. Libraries that own a Library management software system like Spears Library management System find it more convenient to build themselves better. Not only It saves time and enables both collecting and disseminating information efficiently for both users and the librarians, it also assist libraries in many ways right from automated facilities and features, till making access more convenient to the readers.